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Kristin Meyer
A truly gifted bodyworker If you're busily reading this review, wondering if you should try Jess out as a massage therapist- You're wasting precious time. This man books up 2 months in advance. Let me tell you- it's worth the wait. Jess is different than any other massage therapist I've experienced, because he takes the time - at each massage - to listen to the different stresses in your life. Emotional and physical. He then works with you through a series of short flexibility tests to determine what might be the root of the pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. He builds upon years of hands-on experience, coupled with education, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques to give the most complex, and yet complete massage experience I have ever had. From my first appointment with him, I signed on to get regular massage by opting for one of the bundles he offers, where you can buy a number of massages ahead of time and pre-pay to get a discounted rate. If you're hovering between a 60 and 90 minute massage, I recommend at least trying the 90 minute massage first- you won't go back. Jess is a very genuine person, and you can feel that he puts his whole heart into the massages he gives. This is truly a passion for him, and he is gifted in it. Also please know that he is very open to suggestion or feedback. You can voice your preferences to him and he will readily change his approach to suit your needs. He has a very calming presence and the space is very relaxing. The massage bed heats up, too! Have you signed up yet? Well, get a move on! :) Cheers, Kristin Meyer
Riccardo G
Great treatment Jess listened carefully to my information about pain/tightness areas, and asked questions to further understand. He then evaluated what could be the root causes, at the muscular level, and worked on those areas. That was then followed by a truly relaxing massage. I walked out of there feeling great!
Stephen O
excellent excellent
Lisa R
Excellent Bodywork! I've had hundreds of massages and Jess is truly among the best. Very few people know how to address the fascia in the way he does, his style and pacing is both very relaxing and feels great.
Marc M
Amazing bodywork Jess is a cut above a great bodyworker. He has great touch, excellent presence, and is very skillful. His works supports both the body and nervous system for a truly holistic approach.
Joy R
Amazing find! I've had a lot of body work done over the years and I am happy to have found Jess Coe. He's very good and consistently good !
Stephen O
Grounded Body Work Jess Coe
B Miller
90 min massage Jess really helped my aches and pains. He knew exactly how to treat the aches I had. I felt so relaxed by the end of the session. I went into a deep relaxation state. It's the most relaxed I'd ever felt during a massage. Thank you Jess.
Dodi F
Amazing Jess has been helping me for about 2 years now. He fixed a stiff neck that did not respond to PT or chiro. He has relieved other aches and pains, provided amazing relaxation, and worked on creating balance and alignment in my body. He listens to what's been going on in my body and in my life, and tailors his work, drawing from an array of highly beneficial techniques, to create a customized and highly responsive and helpful session. He has been important to my health, wellness, and happiness. Highly recommended!
Hope H
Best massage ever I first went to Jess through a Groupon and instantly became a lifetime customer. I was incredibly impressed with his assessment and knowledge of human anatomy and ability to fetter out physiologic issues. As an Orthooaedic nurse, I was very impressed with his is knowledge and incredible bodywork. I would very highly recommend him.
Anya S
2 sessions later As a retired teacher it was not easy for me to make this commitment but I am recognizing my continued mobility is necessary to aging in place. Jess is excellent, knowledgeable, generous with his attention, is committed to his work and patient. His hands are a miracle. I am so impressed with my improvement I am gifting my son with two sessions.
Tracy S
Amazing Massage! I always leave Grounded Bodywork feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Jess is very in tune with the body and I appreciate that he does a quick check in before beginning. He uses a perfect amount of pressure and does a great job balancing his time. He focusses on areas that need extra attention and care, but also makes sure you have overall body relaxation. Great experience and relaxing atmosphere, I immediately booked my next appointment afterwards and have had great experiences each time. Highly Recommended!
Carol H
A true healer Jess gives the most relaxing intuitive massage I have ever had. Besides being a very kind and caring person he is incredibly knowledgeable about the physical body and how to create deep relaxation. On a scale of 1 to 10 he is a 20. I HIGHLY recommend him.
Annette H
Always awesome! Jess provides an amazing environment of caring, coupled with a wide variety of massage techniques which he customizes according to your needs. Just fill him in, and let him do his magic!
Stephen O
Grounded Body Work Jess is very knowlegible and professional
Awesome Jess is amazing because of his attention to detail and tuning in to your individual issues. I'm looking forward in having him help to work out my kinks and to become more balanced and healthier:))!!!
Joy R
Excellent Intuitive
Excellent Service The 90 minute massage Jess provided was very relaxing. Wish it lasted longer.
A true healer Jess Coe has a unique method to gently but firmly coax pain out of my body, giving much needed relief. A skilled worker of muscle and connective tissue. Highest praise!
Elsa Ng
Amazing touch! My job as a psychiatric crisis Clinician often leaves my body depleted and stressed, I have had all kind of manages before for stress relief and relaxation. I'm glad to find Jess. He is an amazing massage therapist. He is attentive and sensitive to what my body's needs. I appreciate very much his attunement. I highly recommend him, especially those in the helping profession who have to take care of others.
Marianne S
Between dreaming and waking Thank you for a great session where my body and mind could release its daily holding of stressors. I felt restored.
Jen S
Awesome! Jess is phenomenal -- finds underlying causes and contributors to muscular, neuro, body issues and addresses with stretch, massage, pressure and energy -- I'm amazed how great and materially better I feel after each session!
Stephen O
Grounded body work Jess is terrific. I highly recommend him to anyone.
Kathleen R
Best I've Felt in Months! I came in for some bodywork on my frozen shoulder after physical therapy and yoga alone weren't making fast enough progress in my recovery. Jess's slow, careful and experienced bodywork made me feel better than I've felt since I was injured in a car accident four months ago! I just signed up for ongoing work as a key aspect of my recovery plan. I don't know why I didn't come in sooner, but I am glad I finally did.
Joy R
Bodywork I found Jess through Living Social which is hit and miss for me, usually miss . I found a true gem in Jess ! He's knowledgeable about the body and how it works and had given me remedies and excerxises to strengthen the problem areas plus the the most effective , relaxing message I've had in years .
Stephen O
Grounded Bodywork Jess is terrific. I can heartily recommend him.
Jen S
Great bodywork! Jess does amazing work identifying and addressing/fixing musculature, skeletal and with great emotion and passion. Extremely professional. Rare that I feel that much difference in a single session - I highly recommend his services!
Stephen O
Grounded Bodywork very professional and very knowledgable about body structure and function
Safoura H
A profound Experience I walked out of my appointment with Jess feeling heard, seen, and cared for. He took his time to go over every little detail that could be relevant to my issue, and what he came up with made so much sense intuitively that I knew I am in good hands. I trust that he genuinly cares for people and their wellbeing because of the passion that was present the whole time. All the wonderful qualities paired with a deep understanding and knowledge of the human body, makes Jess an outstanding practitioner. I had to fire my Chiropractor after my session with Jess.
Stephen O
Grounded Body Work Jess is terrific!
Leslie H
Great massage This was my second massage with Jess and he gets better each time I see him. I especially liked the attention and time that Jess put into massaging my hands and feet. An area that often gets neglected but so needs work! He also has great ideas for further stretching and things I can do on my own to further facilitate my wellbeing. He is worth every penny!
Dana Z
Great massage !!! One of the best in marin county. Really understands more than just relieving sore muscles (although he's great at that too). He helps with alignment and nervous system issues and gives you tips for things you can work on at home. I recommend Jess highly!
Stephen O
Grounded Body Work excellent massage and body work
Stephen O
Jess Coe Grounded Bodywork
Alexandra L
Jess Coe is fantastic I've only recently started working with Jess and I'm glad I am a client. He is knowledgeable, thorough, committed to making sure the work he does specifically addresses my needs. I feel so relaxed after a session. I would certainly recommend him to anyone in need of a dealing with aches and pain, and overall better physical well-being and absolutely recommend him for massage therapy.
Annette H
Jess is awesome! Jess brings tremendous knowledge about how the body works, compassion and skillful hands to his work, creating a marvelous, healing experience for his clients. I can't recommend him highly enough!
Stephen O
Jess is great Excellent knowledge, very professional
Lisa R
Jess is in a league of his own I've had a number of sessions with Jess and every one of them has been some of the best body work I've ever had - and I've had a lot. Jess's knowledge of the body and his range of skill means no two sessions are alike, each one has been tailored to what my body needs at the time. Not only do they feel great, but the benefits last far longer than other massages. My goal is to have one every day!
Sheran J
Less stiffness Feel great. Learn to decrease stress
tripp s
Massage I had a great experience with Jess. He honed in to my areas of issues and helped releases the muscle toxins. I enjoyed his approach and overall massage. Highly recommended
Carra U
Mind and body shift! When I left my massage with Jess, I felt as if my entire body and mind shifted into another dimension! I highly recommend it! I can't wait for my next one!
Multiplexer Jess is most resourceful, intelligent. Has many modes, moves, strokes. In 3 treatments I've had relief, release, healing in several areas of chronic pain. Thank you Jess.
Jim D
Real help Jess is the best bodyworker I know. 100% effective at relieving pain and tension. I encourage all to try him. He is careful and considerate. Thank you Jess!
Lisa R
So Good! I used to have a posse of massage therapists but since I've started seeing Jess, no one else compares. His knowledge of the body and his presence when he works truly set him apart. Now I just need to figure out how to have one every day!
Jim D
What rib pain? Nearly gone! Amazing. Thank you Jess.
Nancy K
Wonderful Bodywork! Jess seems to have a good knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology. I appreciated the time he took with me getting to know my issues and then focusing on those specific areas for bodywork. I liked that it was bodywork and not massage, more specific to me and more healing.
Shanee E
Awesome Jess does an awesome job . I never have to explain where my aches and pains are he just gets it EVERYTIME ! Amazing job !
Louie Perotti
bodywork I had an awesome experience with Jess. While I went in expecting just a massage, I got much more then that. I received true bodywork which incorporates more than just massage strokes on muscle. Jess took the time to examine different areas of my body, he explained things clearly to me, and then performed the massage/bodywork. He also took the time after the session to give me recommendations and suggestions on what I could do for myself to improve my physiological well-being.
Jessica h
Found At Last I have been looking for a good massage therapist for a long time and I finally found one! Jess is an excellent massage therapist and exceeds my expectations each time. He is professional, easy to talk with, and I leave his office feeling so much better than when I came in. What impresses me the most is that he is skilled in both in the creative "poetic" style of massage as well as the physical body and how to work out the kinks by studdying posture, muscle strength, etc. Im excited to continue seeing him to manage my stress and improve my physical condition through massage.
Jocelyn L
Massage Blissful massage. Great attention to detail allowed for the areas with high tension to dissolve
Amy G
Simply the Best Jess has been working with me for several months on eliminating my back pain. The work he does is above and beyond just a massage. He is truly interested in understanding my pain, isolating the pain points and working to alleviate the pain with added exercises to do at home. I walk away feeling better and more relaxed.
Patricia M
Wonderful experience I was fortunate to receive a gift certificate for bodywork from a friend who knows how much I've suffered. After my first session with Jess I immediately signed on for a package, since it was the best massage/healing I've ever had. The results I feel after each session are immediate, positive and long lasting. I highly recommend Jess for his competency, awareness and compassion.
Caring Unfortunately I took a fall and was not able to fully take in the session but Jesse is a thoughtful practicioner.
Mellie L
Deeply Grounded Bodywork This is exactly what Jess' work is, deeply grounded, embodied, heartful work that allows old patterns to be released while promoting healthy relaxation and sustained vitality.
Lisa R
Excellent Massage! Jess is highly skilled at what he does. I've had tons of massages and few compare with the quality of his work. He clearly knows his way around the body and he tailored my session to exactly what I had requested. His pace is uniquely slow which really helps my system slow down, an important by product of massage. It's the kind of massage that lasts well after I leave the table. Definitely recommend him!
Pekka T
Excellent Really a nice experience. Highly recommend
Teri E
Exeptional Treatment Jess was extremely professional, insightful and knowledgeable in his ability to treat my back and leg pain. He did a thorough assessment and evaluation of my condition and I was able to sit without pain after one treatment. I highly recommend Jess at Grounded Bodywork.
mark k
great experience jess is a dedicated healer. it was apparant immediately that he was extremely knowledgable about the "whole" body & was into finding long term solutions, not just quick fixes. he spent quite a while testing me physically & asking a lot of questions... and then spent a full session working on me... far more than i expected. his prices are slightly higher than some, but he offers many types of deals for discounts & his work is a serious notch above the typical bodyworker. i don't mind paying a small "surcharge" for excellence.
Great experience! Jess really spends a lot of time thinking about what is ailing you and trying to come up with solutions to release muscles and make your body function better as a whole. The time spent on relaxation and massage is also wonderful!
Cindy Rae M
Great massage Jess did an assessment of the problem areas in my body and then worked out every kink and sore muscle.
Peggi P
Great massage! My massage with Jess was fantastic! I was really hurting from over training for a half marathon. Not only did he totally open up my hips and back I also learned how to work out the muscles in my hips and glutes. Thanks, Jess! I'll be back!
Corinna K
Great session! I had sciatica for several weeks, and nothing I did helped. I had a session with Jess and he was amazing! His knowledge of the body, his intuition in combination with his healing touch, compassion and skillful work made for an amazing session, that gave me a deeper understanding with what was going on. Not just was I able to understand the imbalances in my body, but I also had a powerful emotional breakthrough. For the first time in weeks I am not in pain! Thank you Jess - you are a true gift!
Michelle S
Great work Couldn't be happier with the work Jess has done with me. By far the most knowledgeable and effective experience I've had correcting a couple of sports injuries. As a long-time runner, I have a regimen of taking care of myself that now includes Jess.
Sarah A
Grounded Jess was a very intuitive healer. His body assessment was spot on, and I left feeling relaxed and well informed about my own body.
GroundedBodywork Jess has an incredible knowledge of the human anatomy. He is able to assess the problems and correct the issues keeping healthy body alignment from doing its job. He listens intently and pinpoints accurately what needs to be massaged or tweaked. I always leave sessions with him not so much being grounded as walking on air with no pain and more understanding of how to improve my body wellness.
Jessica h
Incredible I had been looking for a good massage therapist for awhile and my search is over! Jess is very talented at what he does and exceeded my expectations.
susan b
Message & Body work that is out of this world As a 50 something year old I have new aches and pains pretty regularly. In addition to my back, I have two bad discs, I recently have pain in my neck. What I like is that work that Jess does to determine where the pain is coming from and he works on this. While a "feel good" message is good for most people my goal is to be free from pain the following day and that is what I get!
Anya S
More than relief.. ..I am feeling as tho I am moving towards a healthier back.
Rich W
Iz I
retired Extraordinary body work. Unlike any massage I've ever had. Do it!
Louie P
second session another great session with Jess!
Amy M
Outstanding and Phenomenal Jess Coe is in a whole different league of body workers. He is truly a wonderful body worker. Really amazing.
Susana S
I would recommend Body feels much better and movements are easier after assessment and massage by Jess. I would recommend Jess and I would return again.
Cindy Rae M
Jess Seriously the best massage that I have ever had!
Jess is the best! Once again, Jess proved how excellent he is in his field. He is very thorough in analyzing the problem, and addressing the issues . I have a lot of back issues, and he works closely with my trainer to insure we all are on the same page.
Dorothy B
great title for great bodywork. Jess really knows the human body I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE i FLOAT OUT OF HIS OFFICE WHEN i GET A WORKOUT.
Dr. Gail A
Remarkabel Knowledge and Skill Jess is one of the best body workers I've known. His unique combination of skill, compassion and intuition make him a true healer. He has helped me relieve symptoms that have troubled me for years. He is a master.
Meredith K
Technique plus intuition I have had dozens, maybe even hundreds of massages in my life, and Jess is by far the best. He is extremely knowledgeable but also passionate about his work. He unerringly goes to the spots that need it most. Can I give 10 stars?
Meredith K
The Best Jess is extremely skilled technically; he is very knowledgeable about musculature, etc. In addition to this, he is genuinely caring. This is not just a job for him, but a calling. Highest recommendation.
Steven H
The right place Thoughtful, friendly, and sensitive knowing hands
Sheran J
effective Total body message and relaxation techniques have improved my outlook on life.
Susan A
Truly talented bodyworker/whisperer I arrived to my appointment tired, out of shape, and in pain. In one session with Jess I literally danced out the door. My body has not felt this free and light in many years. It's more than a massage (you can get a rub down anywhere) Jess' work is holistic and integrated. I feel more connected - mind, body, and soul. Wholeheartedly recommend!
Very tuned in Jess has a way of going right to my problem spots and then seems to work magic. His energy is sensitive yet very powerful. After experiencing many masseuses he is by far the best.
tracy h
Great session! Thank you to Jess for a great treatment and info!
Nancy P
client Jess is great. He really listens to my words and my body and gives me what my body needs. Every session is different depending on what's going on with my body. Jess also encourages and supports lifestyle changes to enhance the bodywork.
Danielle C
excellent body worker! Jess offered a thorough assessment of my body bringing to light my habitual patterns which was so helpful. Then did some amazing releases and gave me ideas for self care in between our sessions. I felt a partnership and shared responsibility for my health and well being. If you are looking for more than a massage, see Jess I highly recommend him!
Fantastic... I am a bodyworker and I've had hundreds of massages over the years. Jess is totally present, grounded, truly listened and he has the touch. Lovely space, too. I've already rebooked.
Dorothy B
great title for great bodywork. Jess really knows the human body I have fibomyalga, and Jess keeps me pretty mobile. It ain't easy.
Dorothy B
Jess, You aremagic with your therapuetic massage. My body loves it and feels great after a massage
Great Work! Not Just A "Petting" Massage but REAL Bodywork At Grounded Bodywork you can certainly get a lovely "be kind to me I had a rough day" massage. But the thing I really appreciate is the attention to muscles and trying to "fix issues" that might be making it so that you aren't able to move well - have nagging pain you can't figure out - etc. Case in point - I have had trouble with my left shoulder for FOREVER. I have had numerous bodyworkers work "on my shoulder." However, in one session my shoulder was moving better because ... it was attached to a tight hip ... who knew?? My hip was worked on and suddenly my shoulder moved better. Now THAT is attention to detail - you want a practitioner that knows that the "hip bone" is actually attached to the "shoulder bone"!
grounded Bodywork I call Jess the "back saver." He is amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable, and he takes the time to throughly understand, and explain how the issues concerning my back , neck, etc. all connect. His is ontime , and will work closely to adapt to your schedule. GroundedBodyworks is very clean and conventiently located.
Dorothy B
I like the title. It says as it is. Your therapuetic massages have put me in the land of the living. Wonderful.
susan b
Message Great job. Lower back and neck area were in pain. When I left it occurred to me that the pain had gone away. Thanks!
John C
NMR/deep tissue massage I had my first session which went very well. Jess was able to detect troubled areas and focus his attention accordingly. I have had other NMR sessions with other therapists and Jess obviously knew his stuff.
Jay S
Present, talented, therapeutic Jess is a super body-worker. He his talented, knows the male and female bodies (my wife thinks he he teriffic, too) and he has the ability to coax passive muscles into "re-firing" again. Ultimately, his goal is for his clients to healthy, balanced and well-functioning body. I like his appointments either on: the day he fixes unbalanced muscle groups; and in the day he uses more massage to unite the body parts into one, better, functioning whole. Heartily recommended!
Steven H
You won't be sorry Been working with Jess for 9 months and have to say I'm completely satisfied with my choice. Great guy, amazing hands. I think he communicates with your body through his hands. This is not your ordinary feel-good massage. way more than that.
Jay S
Super Bodyworker Our whole family has gone to see Jess, for one ailment or another. He is a practiced professional who is like a "body-sleuth". He first isolates an issue, looks for muscles either not "firing" or which are over-tight, and manipulates certain areas to rectify the issue(s). He is patient, professional, practiced, trustworthy and talented. And sometimes, when the situation warrants, he provides a fabulous massage. Great guy. Great work. Highly recommended.
Molly M
Thank you, Jess! Jess has a warm and positive presence, and he's very skilled. I greatly appreciate his patience, knowledge and intuition.
The best. The best massage in Marin. I refuse to go to another therapist. I have noticed improvement from aches and pains with each visit.
the best of all worlds I had an injury that had been created slowly over about a year, and I was in a lot of pain. I went to Grounded Bodywork to complement my chiropractor visits, and was amazed by how much Jess could interpret the inner-workings of the injury to help me heal more quickly. He has tons of knowledge and a willingness to "play detective" in order to get to the root of the problem. In addition to the injury work we did, the treatments that were more aimed at relaxation were incredibly calming and relaxing. Just what I needed when my stress levels rose too high. I highly recommend a visit to Grounded Bodywork.
Suzan S
Truly great body healing work My orthopedic diagnosed my frozen should saying it would take a year to heal. After a month with Jess's body work, my orthopedic said to continue what I was doing since it was so successful.
Michelle L
Outstanding - in a class of his own I've had a wide variety of bodywork from many people over the years, and Jess is an exceptionally gifted bodyworker - and healer. He brings a rare combination of broad knowledge and understanding of the physical structure, with deep intuition about the underlying causes of pain/discomfort, as well as a spacious, compassionate, wise presence. It is a genuine gift to your body, heart and soul to get bodywork by Jess.
Marji P
Wonderful massage Jesse was professional and took time to make sure he knew what my needs were without charging for that extra time. He worked areas that many therapists just gloss over. He made sure that I was comfortable and the room was quiet with low music and a great sounding water feature. The massage was wonderful and firm and I didn't want it to end. I highly recommend Jesse. I have had over 250 massages in my life actually walking out when it was really bad and Jesse gave one of the best I every had.